Our story

Co-founders Robert Nieters and Travis Schnell first tried CBD when it came out on the market and noticed that it changed their lives..

It helped them manage stress, inflammation, and muscle and joint aches and pains which in turn helped improve their overall quality of life. After they noticed hundreds of their customers of their retail supplement store noticing great results as well, they then decided after thorough research to create their own CBD company, InnovaPure. “where innovation meets purity”, is their company motto as InnovaPure products utilize innovative nanotechnology, broad spectrum Cannabinoids profiles, and water soluble CBD to drastically improve the bodies ability to absorb and utilize the cannabinoids without containing THC. Their products are touted as some of the highest quality, best tasting, and effective across the entire CBD market. 

Co-Founders of InnovaPure CBD

Robert Nieters 


Travis Schnell


Our co-founders Robert Nieters and Travis Schnell understood that the majority of people had three common struggles that everyone had become familiar with themselves or had been affected from knowing someone who has been through illness, poverty, or lacking hope for a better future. Since then, they decided to create a company and product line that empowers people to eradicate these problems in their lives and those of their families. Our commitment to our customers as a company is to focus on getting these beneficial, quality of life enhancing products into the hands of those who need them most. We want to inspire as many people as possible so that they have an excellent life in prosperity, excellent health, and can truly have a vehicle to get them to where they want to be in life. We are, therefore, a company committed to excellence and with a deep social and human commitment. All our efforts and emphasis is on changing the lives of our distributors and customers for the better.